PM Modi Applauds German Singer Cassandra Mae Spittmann for Her Melodious Rendition of Mahatma Gandhi's Favorite Bhajan

Brief by Shorts91 Newsdesk / 07:22am on 02 Oct 2023,Monday Art & Culture

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised German singer Cassandra Mae Spittmann for her heartfelt rendition of Mahatma Gandhi's favorite bhajan, 'Vaishnava Jana To,' on Gandhi Jayanti. Modi shared the video on social media, emphasizing how Gandhi's teachings resonate globally. Spittmann, a visually impaired artist from Germany, demonstrated her love for Indian music by mastering songs in various Indian languages, becoming an inspiration for music enthusiasts worldwide. Modi highlighted her passion and dedication during his Mann ki Baat radio show, celebrating her talent and connection to Indian culture.

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Hindi Diwas: London Celebrates 'Hindi Yuva Sangam' Event At Nehru Centre

Brief by Shorts91 Newsdesk / 06:13am on 18 Sep 2023,Monday Art & Culture

The 'Hindi Yuva Sangam' event was organized by Sangam in London on September 15 to celebrate Hindi Diwas. Indian and British dignitaries including Coordination Minister Mr. Deepak Chaudhary, Honourable British MP Mr. Virendra Sharma, and the Indian High Commission participated as youths aged 16-22 showcased their Hindi skills through self-written poems and articles. The highlight was performances by 12 talented young Hindi poets divided into teams named after Indian rivers. 16-year-old Krishnam Aachari won the first prize while Sneha Chaubey and Rahul Sethiya claimed second and third prize respectively. All participants were lauded for their excellent presentations that enthralled the audience. The presence of famous Ram Katha reciter Shri Rajan Ji Maharaj added gravitas. The successful event, supported by various UK organizations, aimed to promote Hindi among the youth and received praise for highlighting their proficiency in the language.

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UK Bengalis Celebrate Heritage and Fashion as Designer Abhishek Roy's Ethnic Collection Dazzles at Inaugural UKBC 2023 Event

Brief by Shorts91 Newsdesk / 06:16am on 10 Sep 2023,Sunday Art & Culture

A gala fashion show staged Indian designer Abhishek Roy's ethnic collection on day one of the UKBC 2023 event celebrating Bengali culture. Members of the community and models took to the runway in Roy's trademark fusion of traditional and western wear. Organized by the non-profit UKBC uniting over 60 communities, the 2-day event features music, drama, food and more. Now in its 15th edition, the UKBC aims to foster Bengal's arts, bring together the diaspora and emerge as the biggest annual British Bengali gathering. Roy's fashion showcase marked a vibrant start highlighting local talent and traditional weaves.

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Annual UK Bengali Convention Kicked Off in London

Brief by Shorts91 Newsdesk / 02:12pm on 09 Sep 2023,Saturday Art & Culture

Deputy High Commissioner Sujit Ghosh inaugurated the annual United Kingdom Bengali Convention (UKBC) in London. The 2-day event on September 9-10 brings together renowned Bengali artists including Rupankar Bagchi and Rezwana Chowdhury Bonnya as special guests. Organized by the UKBC, a non-profit charity, the convention unites over 60 UK-based community organizations to celebrate Bengali culture through music, drama, food and more. Now in its 15th edition, the UKBC aims to celebrate the diaspora and foster Bengal's arts and heritage. Supported by dozens of groups, it has emerged as the largest annual gathering of Bengalis in the UK. The inauguration kicked off the festivities that will continue over the weekend.

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Yoga Class Mistaken for Ritual Mass Murder Scene: Shocking Incident Prompts Police Response

Brief by Shorts91 Newsdesk / 11:46am on 08 Sep 2023,Friday Art & Culture

In a shocking event, a peaceful yoga class was mistaken for a "ritual mass murder" scene. ‘Concerned members’ of the public witnessed individuals lying on the floor and promptly alerted the U.K. police, triggering a dramatic response with sirens blaring. Upon arrival, the police found the yoga practitioners engaged in quiet meditation. The incident occurred at the Seaside Cafe inside the North Sea Observatory in Chapel St Leonards. The cafe clarified on social media that it hosts regular yoga classes and assured the public that it is not affiliated with any unusual cults or clubs. Lincolnshire police acknowledged that the emergency call was made with good intentions. [Photo: Seascape Cafe facebook page]

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The Nehru Centre Hosts 'India, Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow' Exhibition: Artistic Reflections on the Nation's Progress and Vision

Brief by Shorts91 Newsdesk / 02:02pm on 29 Aug 2023,Tuesday Art & Culture

The Nehru Centre in London is hosting an exhibition: 'India, Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow' till September 1, 2023, commemorating the nation's 75th year of independence. The event showcases artworks reflecting India's growth and aspirations. The display features works by four Indian artists: Narendra Pal Singh's vibrant village scenes, Prof. Harsh Vardhan Sharma's emotive Indian portraits, Reena Singh's abstract explorations of Hindu Philosophy, and Dr. Sangeeta Goel's expressionistic pieces promoting inclusivity. The exhibition captures India's journey through time, reflecting on its essence and outlook. The event aligns with Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, spotlighting the nation's evolution.

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