India Achieves Milestone as Nirbhay Cruise Missile Successfully Test-Fired with Indigenous Propulsion System

Brief by Shorts91 Newsdesk / 01:01pm on 18 Apr 2024,Thursday Defence

India achieves a significant milestone as the long-range Nirbhay cruise missile, equipped with an indigenous propulsion system and the Manik turbofan engine, is successfully test-fired off the Odisha coast. Developed by DRDO's Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE), the missile's performance was monitored by Range Sensors like Radar and Telemetry, showcasing the reliable performance of the indigenous propulsion system. The test, conducted at the Integrated Test Range in Chandipur, Odisha, marks a major advancement in India's missile program, signaling the nation's growing prowess in indigenous defense technology.    

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The Defense Ministry Plans to Test Astra Mark 2 Air-to-air Missiles, Boasting a Strike Range of 130 Km

Brief by Shorts91 Newsdesk / 03:59am on 17 Apr 2024,Wednesday Defence

In a major boost to India's air defense, the DRDO is set to test the Astra Mark 2 missile with a 130 km strike range. The missile, part of the Astra program, enhances the Indian Air Force's firepower with its beyond visual range targeting capability. It's an upgrade to the successful Astra Mark 1 series already in use by the Air Force and Navy. The upcoming test aims to showcase the missile's extended range, achieved through a special motor. This development underscores India's commitment to bolstering its aerial combat capabilities.

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US Reports: India's Military Modernization, Reduce Dependence

Brief by Shorts91 Newsdesk / 03:53am on 16 Apr 2024,Tuesday Defence

In 2023, India stepped up its military modernization efforts to rival China and reduce reliance on Russian gear, as per Lt. Gen. Jeffrey Kruse, the US Defense Intelligence Agency's director. India's leadership was underscored by hosting the G20 summit and a robust stance against Chinese activities in the Indo-Pacific, he informed the House Armed Services Committee. The move signifies India's growing global stature and its strategic moves in the region.

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Navy Chief: Red Sea And Gulf of Aden Situation is Shaky; Navy's Watching.

Brief by Shorts91 Newsdesk / 07:53am on 15 Apr 2024,Monday Defence

Admiral R Hari Kumar, Chief of Naval Staff, voiced concern over the tense situation in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden post Iran's attack on Israel. At INS Hansa base in Goa, he highlighted the vulnerability of the region, citing recent drone strikes on merchant vessels and a rise in piracy. With over 90 attacks in recent times, Kumar stressed the Indian Navy's role in aiding distressed mariners in the critical Bab-el-Mandeb Strait. He emphasized the Navy's commitment to assisting all affected parties, regardless of nationality, in the face of escalating tensions.

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Indian Army Successfully Completes Field Trials of Indigenous Anti-Tank Guided Missile System

Brief by Shorts91 Newsdesk / 01:39pm on 14 Apr 2024,Sunday Defence

In a significant stride towards self-reliance in defence technology, the Indian Army has concluded successful field trials of the indigenously-developed Man Portable Anti Tank Guided Missile System (MPATGM). Developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), the system, comprising the MPATGM, launchers, target acquisition device, and fire control unit, demonstrated remarkable performance during trials at the Pokhran Field Firing Range. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh commended the achievement, emphasizing its importance in advancing India's capabilities in advanced technology-based defence systems. The MPATGM is now poised for final user evaluation trials before induction into the Indian Army.

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New Army Division Might be Set Up in Eastern Ladakh This Year, Keeping Close Watch on The Region

Brief by Shorts91 Newsdesk / 06:44am on 14 Apr 2024,Sunday Defence

Army to Implement New Division for Ladakh Deployment. Sources reveal plans to raise 72 Division, initially under 17 Mountain Strike Corps, for eastern Ladakh. With 14,000-15,000 troops, existing personnel will be reorganized, and no additional recruitment is expected. The move signifies a focus shift from Pakistan to China; only 17 MSCs were previously China-oriented. Strike Corps, responsible for trans-border offense, includes Mathura's 1 Corps, Ambala's 2 Corps, Bhopal's 21 Corps, and 17 MSC in Panagarh. Reorganization part of J&K and Ladakh region changes."

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The Defense Ministry Has Issued a Tender to Buy 97 Additional Tejas Mk-1A Fighter Jets

Brief by Shorts91 Newsdesk / 05:52am on 13 Apr 2024,Saturday Defence

The Indian Defense Ministry has tasked Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) with supplying 97 additional Tejas light combat aircraft (LCA Mk-1A) to the Air Force, costing approximately ₹67,000 crore. These jets enhance air combat capabilities, with secondary roles in reconnaissance and anti-ship operations. The Defense Acquisition Council approved the project in November, alongside upgrading the Air Force's Su-30 fleet by HAL. This move bolsters India's defense capabilities and underscores HAL's pivotal role in the nation's aerospace sector.

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India Relocates Consulate Staff from Sittwe to Yangon Following Myanmar Security Concerns

Brief by Shorts91 Newsdesk / 04:09pm on 12 Apr 2024,Friday Defence

India has relocated its consulate staff from Sittwe, Myanmar, to Yangon due to escalating security concerns in the Rakhine State. External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal stated that India is closely monitoring the situation and taking necessary steps to ensure citizen safety. The consulate in Mandalay remains operational while staff from Sittwe have been temporarily moved to Yangon. This decision reflects India's proactive approach to safeguarding its diplomatic personnel and interests in the region amidst growing instability.            

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HAL Secures Historic Rs 65,000 Crore Order for 97 LCA Mark 1A Fighter Jets

Brief by Shorts91 Newsdesk / 03:04pm on 12 Apr 2024,Friday Defence

In a landmark development, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) clinched its largest-ever indigenous military hardware order worth Rs 65,000 crore. The Defence Ministry awarded the contract for 97 LCA Mark 1A fighter jets, signaling a significant boost to India's defence manufacturing sector. The advanced version of the Tejas aircraft will replace aging MiG fleet, enhancing the Indian Air Force's combat capabilities. This move aligns with Prime Minister Modi's emphasis on promoting indigenous production. HAL's success underscores India's commitment to self-reliance in defence and strengthens its position in the global aerospace market.

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Indian Army Conducts Successful Test Of Anti-Tank Guided Missile in Sikkim's High-Altitude Terrain

Brief by Shorts91 Newsdesk / 06:47am on 12 Apr 2024,Friday Defence

Trishakti Corps of the Indian Army conducted a high-altitude training exercise in Sikkim, firing anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) at 17,000 feet. The exercise aimed to validate the "Ek Missile Ek Tank" goal, showcasing ATGMs' accuracy and effectiveness in mountainous terrain. Units from Eastern Command participated, including mechanised and infantry divisions. The training involved live firing at moving and stationary targets, simulating battlefield scenarios. The army emphasized ATGM units' capability to neutralize armoured threats with high lethality, ensuring successful missions in challenging terrain.

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