US Official Reacts to Elon Musk's Backing of India's Bid for Permanent UNSC Seat

Brief by Shorts91 Newsdesk / 04:09am on 18 Apr 2024,Thursday India Global

A spokesperson for the US State Department reiterated America's backing for United Nations (UN) reforms, including those concerning the UN Security Council (UNSC), in response to Tesla CEO Elon Musk's endorsement of India's quest for a permanent UNSC seat. Musk deemed India's absence from the council "absurd" and called for restructuring. President Joe Biden had previously voiced support for India's UNSC aspirations during the G20 Summit. The UNSC, currently comprising five permanent members, faces calls for expansion to better represent contemporary global dynamics, with India seeking a permanent seat.

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Dubai Vs Mumbai: Ex-Jet Airways Official Clarifies Remarks on Anand Mahindra's Dubai Flood Post

Brief by Shorts91 Newsdesk / 07:20pm on 17 Apr 2024,Wednesday India Global

Former Jet Airways CEO designate, Sanjiv Kapoor, countered Anand Mahindra's comparison of Dubai floods to Mumbai. Kapoor highlighted that Dubai wasn't built for heavy rains, suggesting a better analogy with heavy snowfall in Mumbai. He later clarified Mahindra might not have been mocking Dubai. Severe storms caused nationwide flooding in the UAE and Bahrain, leading to airport closures and disruptions in shopping centers. Kapoor emphasized the unprecedented nature of the rain, mentioning it produced a year's worth of rain in just a few hours.

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Indian Foreign Minister Jaishankar Monitors Progress of US Consulate in Bengaluru

Brief by Shorts91 Newsdesk / 04:29pm on 17 Apr 2024,Wednesday India Global

External Affairs Minister Jaishankar assures regular oversight of US consulate development in Bengaluru, highlighting its importance for city residents and professionals. Jaishankar emphasizes Prime Minister Modi's request during US visit last year for swift establishment. Local residents welcome move, citing convenience and necessity for Bengaluru's growing ties with US. Currently, US operates four consulates in India, overseen by New Delhi embassy. Jaishankar expresses readiness to visit consulate on Modi's behalf once established, stressing ongoing coordination with US authorities for timely completion.

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Indian Google Techie Secures US Green Card After 9-Year Wait, Criticizes H-1B System

Brief by Shorts91 Newsdesk / 10:40am on 17 Apr 2024,Wednesday India Global

Swaroop Ramaswamy, a Google techie, finally obtained permanent residency in the US after a 9-year struggle, highlighting flaws in the H-1B visa system. He shared his ordeal on social media, stressing the challenges skilled workers face. Ramaswamy's case echoes the plight of over a million Indians in the Green Card backlog, facing wait times of over a decade. The current system, deemed "inhumane" by Ramaswamy, hinders talent retention and family reunification. Congressional action is urged to address the growing backlog and ensure fair immigration policies.

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Indian Sailor on Seized Ship in Iran Speaks to Family, Assures Safety and Normal Operations

Brief by Shorts91 Newsdesk / 09:22am on 17 Apr 2024,Wednesday India Global

An Indian sailor aboard the 'MSC Aries,' seized by Iran's Revolutionary Guards near the Strait of Hormuz, communicated with his family for the first time since the incident. Assuring safety, he mentioned ample food supplies and routine duties onboard. The Indian Embassy in Iran intervened, enabling limited communication for crew members. Tensions rise amidst Iran-Israel conflict, triggered by an Israeli airstrike on the Iranian embassy. Indian authorities are urged to secure the sailors' release. External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar engaged with his Iranian counterpart, emphasizing de-escalation and diplomatic resolution. Tamil Nadu government seeks assistance for the crew's return.

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US Urges India and Pakistan to Dialogue Amid Tensions Over Modi's Anti-Terror Remark

Brief by Shorts91 Newsdesk / 09:17am on 17 Apr 2024,Wednesday India Global

In response to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's recent statement on India's resolve to eliminate terrorists, the United States has urged both India and Pakistan to pursue dialogue and avoid escalation. This comes after allegations of India's involvement in targeted assassinations in Pakistan, which New Delhi has vehemently denied. While the US maintains a non-interference stance, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh affirmed India's commitment to counter-terrorism. Pakistan criticized Modi's remarks as "provocative" and emphasized its dedication to regional peace. The situation underscores heightened tensions in the region amidst ongoing security concerns.            

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Indian Mother in Pakistan Insists on Staying With Her Children

Brief by Shorts91 Newsdesk / 08:45am on 17 Apr 2024,Wednesday India Global

Farzana Begum, an Indian woman living in Pakistan, is fighting for custody of her two sons with her Pakistani husband, Mirza Mubin Elahi. Married in Abu Dhabi in 2015, the couple later settled in Pakistan with their two boys. Begum's refusal to return to India stems from concerns for her children's safety. The dispute intensified when allegations of assault were made against Begum by her husband over custody and property matters. Begum contests her husband's claim of divorce, demanding evidence. The case has drawn public attention to the complexities of cross-border custody battles and legal rights.

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Dubai Rains Disrupt IndiGo, Air India Flights; Travel Chaos Ensues

Brief by Shorts91 Newsdesk / 07:25am on 17 Apr 2024,Wednesday India Global

Heavy rains in Dubai cause chaos at Dubai International Airport, disrupting flights from major airlines like IndiGo and Air India. Emirates suspends check-in, while IndiGo cancels several flights to Dubai. Passengers express frustration over abrupt cancellations and poor management. Air India also faces complaints, with Flydubai halting all departures until the next morning. The weather also impacts other Gulf Peninsula locations, with Oman experiencing casualties. Dubai witnesses one of its wettest April days, partly attributed to cloud seeding by the country’s weather department.

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Road Accident in Canada Claims Life of Amritsar Youth

Brief by Shorts91 Newsdesk / 06:52am on 17 Apr 2024,Wednesday India Global

A tragic incident in Canada claims the life of Gursahib Singh (23), a student from Mahddipura village, Punjab. Studying in Canada since March 13, he was fatally hit by a vehicle in Surrey city on April 13. Despite efforts by Canadian police and medical staff, he succumbed to his injuries. His father, Palwinder Singh Bath, urges both the Central and Punjab Governments to facilitate the repatriation of Gursahib's body to India for final rites.

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According to The IMF, India Ranks Among The Top Performers

Brief by Shorts91 Newsdesk / 03:24am on 17 Apr 2024,Wednesday India Global

India's economy shines brightly according to the International Monetary Fund, with a projected growth rate of 6.5% for 2024. Surpassing China, India maintains its status as the world's fastest-growing major economy. Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas, IMF's chief economist, praised India's strong performance, noting revisions for fiscal years 2023-2025. The forecast anticipates robust growth for India, at 6.8% in 2024 and 6.5% in 2025, driven by domestic demand and a growing working-age population. This affirmation underscores India's economic resilience and its pivotal role in global growth.

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