"Situation In Bishkek Is Calm": Kyrgyzstan After India Issues Advisory for Students

Brief by Shorts91 Newsdesk / 02:57pm on 18 May 2024,Saturday India Global

Despite reports of mob violence against foreign students in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs assures the situation is calm and under control. Allegations of misinformation circulating on social media, particularly from Pakistan, have been addressed by the Ministry. Meanwhile, the Indian Embassy advises Indian students to stay indoors and provides helpline contact for assistance. The ministry urged media and bloggers to rely only on official sources and stated that necessary measures have been taken to maintain peace and stability in the capital city. The assurance aims to allay concerns raised by the reported incidents.

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After Singapore and Hong Kong, Nepal Bans Indian Spice-Mix Products Over Ethylene Oxide Contamination

Brief by Shorts91 Newsdesk / 12:59pm on 18 May 2024,Saturday India Global

Nepal has banned the sale and import of four Indian spice-mix products from MDH and Everest due to ethylene oxide contamination. The affected products are MDH's Madras Curry Powder, Sambhar Mixed Masala Powder, Mixed Masala Curry Powder, and Everest's Fish Curry Masala. Following similar actions by Singapore and Hong Kong, Nepal's Department of Food Technology and Quality Control found ethylene oxide levels exceeding permissible limits, prompting the ban. Importers and traders are advised to recall these products from the market. This issue threatens to significantly impact India's spice exports.                

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South Asian Students Attacked in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan; EAM Jaishankar Advise Students to Stay Indoors

Brief by Shorts91 Newsdesk / 10:55am on 18 May 2024,Saturday India Global

In Kyrgyzstan's Bishkek, clashes erupted between locals and foreign students at the International University of Kyrgyzstan. Indian and Pakistani Foreign Ministers expressed concern and advised students to stay in touch with embassies. The conflict stemmed from a brawl over allegations of foreigners sheltering illegals, resulting in 29 injuries and numerous arrests, including three Egyptians. Kyrgyz authorities have expelled over 6,500 foreigners for illegal stay, with ongoing tension over the presence of foreigners. Quasi-military forces were deployed to restore calm, with the situation now reportedly stable. Authorities continue to monitor the situation closely, urging caution amidst lingering tensions.

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Singapore: Man of Indian Origin Charged with Impersonating Officials

Brief by Shorts91 Newsdesk / 08:47am on 18 May 2024,Saturday India Global

A 24-year-old Indian-origin man, Prakash Paramasivam, has been charged with three counts of cheating by impersonating staff at the President's Office, National Development Ministry, and Parliament. He allegedly sent emails to President Tharman Shanmugaratnam, National Development Minister Desmond Lee, and Parliament, posing as a Singapore Prison Service staff member. The contents of the emails and his motives are unknown. Prakash faces up to five years in jail and a fine for each count. His case will be heard again on June 20. This is a serious offense, and the authorities are taking it seriously.

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Four Indians in the US Accused of Faking Robberies for Visa Fraud

Brief by Shorts91 Newsdesk / 07:37am on 18 May 2024,Saturday India Global

A federal court in Chicago has indicted four Indian nationals for staging armed robberies to help individuals obtain U-Visas. The visas are reserved for victims of specific crimes who have assisted law enforcement. The defendants, all with the last name Patel, allegedly paid thousands of dollars to participate in the scam. The staged robberies involved fake robbers displaying firearms and approaching victims, who then filed reports with authorities. The indictment follows a joint investigation by local and federal authorities. The defendants face charges of conspiracy, robbery, and visa fraud.

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Indian Students Urged to Stay Indoors Amid Kyrgyzstan Mob Attacks

Brief by Shorts91 Newsdesk / 05:45am on 18 May 2024,Saturday India Global

Amid attacks on foreign students in Kyrgyzstan, India urges its citizens to stay indoors. Several Pakistani students were injured in mob violence in Bishkek. Indian Consulate advises students to remain indoors and contact the Embassy if needed. Foreign Minister S Jaishankar monitors the situation, urging students to stay in touch with the Embassy. Social media rumors of Pakistani student deaths remain unconfirmed. Violence erupted after videos of a fight between Kyrgyz and Egyptian students surfaced. Medical university hostels targeted; students from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh affected. Pakistan's consulate reports light injuries among Pakistani students. Situation currently calm, but tensions persist.

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Indian Students in Canada Face Deportation Due to Immigration Rule Change

Brief by Shorts91 Newsdesk / 04:37am on 18 May 2024,Saturday India Global

Hundreds of Indian students in Prince Edward Island, Canada, are facing deportation due to changes in immigration rules. The students, who have completed their studies, are protesting the sudden changes to the Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP). They demand to be allowed to continue their studies and work in Canada, citing investments made in their education. The province has reduced immigration due to infrastructure strain. The students are seeking a review of the new policies and extension of work permits. The situation is causing uncertainty and distress among the affected students.

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Indian Students in Canada Protest Against Government Over Work Permit Denials

Brief by Shorts91 Newsdesk / 05:00pm on 17 May 2024,Friday India Global

Indian students in Canada's Prince Edward Island protest government's denial of work permits post-graduation, facing deportation threats. They demand exemption from new immigration laws, citing unfair policy changes and accusing authorities of exploitation. Protest leader Rupender Singh accuses the province of misleading them and vows potential hunger strikes if demands aren't met. Restrictions, implemented last July, limit permits to specific sectors, sparking outcry. Students seek 'grandfathered' status for stability. With a deadline looming, protests gain momentum with community support, urging review of immigration policies.

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Russia-India Visa-Free Travel Pact Likely by Year-End

Brief by Shorts91 Newsdesk / 04:25pm on 17 May 2024,Friday India Global

Russia and India are poised to enhance tourism ties with visa-free group tourist exchanges, as consultations for a bilateral agreement begin in June. Nikita Kondratyev, Russian Economic Development Ministry's official, anticipates finalizing the agreement by the year's end. The move aims to replicate successful visa-free exchanges with China and Iran. The initiative underscores efforts to bolster tourism cooperation between the two nations.

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Indian-Origin London Boy, 11, Joins Mensa with IQ Score of 162

Brief by Shorts91 Newsdesk / 02:21pm on 17 May 2024,Friday India Global

Dhruv, an 11-year-old Indian-origin boy from Sutton, south London, has joined Mensa after scoring 162 on an approved intelligence test. A student at Robin Hood Junior School, Dhruv’s remarkable achievement places him in the top 2% of the population. His father, Praveen Kumar, expressed immense pride, calling it a "rags to riches" story, as Dhruv had struggled academically in his early years. Head teacher Elisabeth Broers praised Dhruv as a well-rounded and talented student, emphasizing that the school celebrates the uniqueness of all its pupils. Founded in 1946, Mensa is the world’s leading high IQ society, providing a space for intellectually gifted individuals to connect and engage in stimulating activities.

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